Friday, June 22, 2012

Get Kate Middleton's Olympic Park Style (Coral Jeans And Blazer) For Less

There are fashion blogs talking about colored denim. There are fashion magazines featuring looks upon looks of how to style a colored jeans. There are street style photographers clicking the fashion week colored denim looks to glory! And there is Kate Middleton redefining the trends! Classy could be her middle name! Her recent Olympic Park visit in London was full of charm, class and a lot of fun where she showed her preppy style in coral skinny jeans, silk color block scarf and a sport blazer.
Judging by the number of search results for Kate's Olympic park visit, I know you all are coveting her 'unknown jeans' and this chic look! (I know I am!) And here is how to get Kate Middleton's coral jeans and blazer look for less!


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